Invert-x is the constrained ramblings of a handful of writers. We take two writers and a topic, lock them in separate rooms and see what comes out. Invert-x is designed to give you unbiased opinions of the topic at hand, but not in the typical ‘debate’ scenario. Instead, the writers are free to write whatever they wish, leaving it up to the reader (that’s you!) to choose which post they like.

The writers only know what they are going to write: they do not discuss it with the opposing writer, nor are they given a specific point of view to write about. What the other writer decides to upload is a complete mystery to the other until the post goes live.

So, what’s the point? We didn’t want to constrain ourselves to ‘opposing’ points of view. Instead, we just write about what we’re passionate about: if debate comes about, it comes about naturally. As well as that, it’s more entertaining to not know what the writer will produce for the topic, as there’s no specific format that they need to adhere to.

The history of Invert-x

Invert-x is the result of an original desire to produce something video game related. It started off as a typical news/reviews site, and came a fair way along in terms of design and structure, before it was pulled down because of a lack of any kind of advantage over the millions of gaming websites already out there.

A few years later, however, the site was reborn as a competitive blog, in the style of an editorial in a magazine. Rather than being forced into opposing viewpoints, the writers are free to do as they please.

Invert-x was designed by Scrub (AJ) and Logic & Trick.